To squeeze or not to squeeze

I apologise in advance for the unappealing subject matter of this blog! I am constantly telling friends of mine not to squeeze their spots and not to pick at their faces. The prior sentence is really referring to one nameless friend in particular! She will sit in front of a magnifying mirror and squeeze at […]

Reminiscing about The Body Shop

I have been using The Body Shop’s White Musk Libertine Eau de Parfum over the past few weeks. In my very early teenage years, maybe even earlier – The Body Shop was my favourite shop. I’m sure lots of people would remember their Fuzzy Peach, Dewberry and White Musk perfume oils as vividly as I […]

Bringing my hair back to life

About two years ago I started to grow my hair again.  I was having yet another cut with my hairdresser Stephen Low at Neville’s salon, and told him I was planning to grow it. Quite simply he said to stop cutting it, and that I didn’t need to be cutting it every 6 weeks if […]

Product of the Week – A £2.59 Concealer

Miss Sporty’s ‘Mini Me Concealer’, is not the most elegantly named concealer for a grown woman I have to admit, but it is a fabulous product and an undisputable bargain. It would never have been on my radar – possibly for my entire life – if it hadn’t been for Liz Beckett, the make up […]

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