Into the Valley – LA Beauty

One of my favourite things about LA, is the strip malls. I wouldn’t say they would be everyone’s favourite thing, but amongst the brilliant shops that mean you can literally find anything and everything on every street, there are endless drop in nail and massage places. Everywhere, littered on every street, every corner, is at […]

Travelling and your skin

Some of these tips for looking after your skin when flying are going to sound pretty obvious. I’ve just said a very sad goodbye to my girlfriends, who are travelling for 36 hours from Auckland to Dublin, so this post felt appropriately timed! When I travel it shows in my skin. Sitting for hours on […]

Massage Corner – Ao Nang Beach, Thailand

For anyone who enjoys massage and treatments, visiting Ao-Nang in Thailand, I came across massage corner today! Walking away from the main street up the beach, I saw huts to my left – 20 of them to be exact – numbered accordingly. I can imagine in high season, they are run off their feet but […]

100% Pure Argan Oil and where to buy

My friend Lucy was getting married recently, we had a weekend in Morroco to celebrate. The shopping in Marrakesh is fabulous, everything from pottery to beautiful leather bags. But one thing I bought there, that Lucy had already been using for many months prior to this trip in preparation for her wedding, was Argan Oil. […]

Sweet Lemongrass Massage – Phuket

There’s no massage at Sweet Lemongrass Massage, that costs more than 550BHT, which is about £12.00. I had the 90 minute ‘Natural Oil Massage’, which cost me exactly that. It’s located completely off the beaten track – yet people go out of their way find it – which really says something considering there are massage […]

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