Urban Decay Naked Palette

As a make up fan, this should have been in my collection ages ago. It is much talked about, and much loved – and now I am going to talk about it, and love it too. Urban Decay’s Naked Palette…. I can, would, and do, wear every one of the twelve shades. I can’t say […]

Perfect Winter Lipstick Shades

I read something fun that make-up artist Daniel Sandler wrote on twitter yesterday. He suggested going to a supermarket or chemist, and buying a new item of make up for the weekend. I did exactly that just a few days ago. I have made a decision to wear a different lipstick every day next week. […]


The Supermarket MAC – Vivo

Well I have to tell you, I am completely obsessed with a blusher that I received in a goody bag earlier this week. Vivo Cosmetics launched an exclusive line in Tesco that they say celebrates ‘being alive with colour’. They call themselves the ‘MAC of the supermarket make-up brands’. Believe me I have many a […]

Product of the Week – A £2.59 Concealer

Miss Sporty’s ‘Mini Me Concealer’, is not the most elegantly named concealer for a grown woman I have to admit, but it is a fabulous product and an undisputable bargain. It would never have been on my radar – possibly for my entire life – if it hadn’t been for Liz Beckett, the make up […]

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