My No 1 Bootcamp Diary – June 2013

  Day 1 Breakfast – Porridge with Strawberry Snack – Blueberry Smoothie Lunch – Spiced Lentil Soup Snack – Prunes, Dates and seeds Dinner – Chicken and vegetables 7.00am – 2 mile run to the beach, 150 press ups, and 3 times running around the track 9.00am – Bleep running and circuits 11.00am – Boxing […]

The Barefoot Trainer – Nike Free Run

  I genuinely can’t imagine ever wanting another running shoe! Nike Free Run trainers are light as air, and incredibly comfortable. Nike describe the ‘Free Run’ shoes as their ‘Barefoot Running Shoes’. They took years to perfect. In fact Nike designers spent eight years studying barefoot running – how the foot lands, where the pressure […]

Healthy Day in L.A.

I’ve rejected the Sour Patch and Red Vines – the American sweets that I think about the entire time that I’m back at home. I was at Shooka Bootcamp in Devon last week, and after the extremely hard three days there, I’m determined to keep as fit and healthy as I can whilst being away […]

Heartcore Pilates my No1

  I haven’t been to Heartcore pilates in over a year – work around the country has been firmly standing in my way. If I have been in London I’ve unfortunately had other things to fit in before exercise. I first tried Heartcore Pilates fours years ago. My friend India had been going, and one […]

The 3 Month Brush

  I recently received an email about dental care and tooth brushing, and as a result I have taken a solemn vow, never to let my toothbrush live and breathe (literally if the email is to be believed) for an excess of 3 months. Apparently, even if we have a cold or flu or even […]

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