7 Day Barry’s Bootcamp NYC Diary

I get really enthusiastic about boutique fitness. I feel so good after classes, and never work myself hard enough in the gym. I bought a week of Barry’s Bootcamp classes the night before I flew to New York – their ‘Silver Weekly Membership’ means 8 classes in seven days. If you have ever tried Barry’s […]

3 Days at No1 Bootcamp

                  A last minute situation. 3 days free. Summer coming. I scheduled three days at No1 Bootcamp in Norfolk. I am a long term Bootcamp user after initially being invited to try No1 Bootcamp in Ibiza back in 2011. I will never forget the change in my body that week, not […]

Frame in Shoreditch – Dance, Yoga and Fitness

I was invited to try a class at Shoreditch’s Frame Fitness Studio. They had teamed up with the fresh scented Aussie Shower Gel range, and my friend Ashleigh who works with Aussie on their PR told me to pick whichever ‘Frame’ class I wanted to. I chose to take a reformer pilates class because it’s […]

My No 1 Bootcamp Diary – June 2013

  Day 1 Breakfast – Porridge with Strawberry Snack – Blueberry Smoothie Lunch – Spiced Lentil Soup Snack – Prunes, Dates and seeds Dinner – Chicken and vegetables 7.00am – 2 mile run to the beach, 150 press ups, and 3 times running around the track 9.00am – Bleep running and circuits 11.00am – Boxing […]

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