Stretch Ribbon Hair Ties

  I bought some new hair ties after a blow-dry appointment at ‘MyBlow LA’ this week. Stretch ribbon elastic ties that don’t dent or damage the hair. They are also far more comfortable and attractive than a regular band around the wrist – particularly as mine are usually tangled with strands of my pulled-out hair! […]

My Hair Extensions that I Love…

  I went to Nando at Neville’s Salon in Knightsbridge for hair extensions a month ago. I wanted a little bit more volume, while keeping my hair looking natural, and appearing to be all my own! Nando is the perfect person to go to if this is the look that you want to achieve. Of […]

Carol’s Daughter Hair

  I said on my blog that I loved buying products in the USA that I can’t buy back in the UK, but when I find a range of products that I really love – it is nothing but annoying not to be able to buy them on a regular basis. My friend Vicky and […]

Let it Grow – Phyto PhytoPhanere 120 Capsules

I have been using these Phyto tablets for many years. I am constantly growing, and then cutting my hair. Over the last two years I have once more been growing my hair, and for the last three months I have been taking the PhytoPhanere capsules again. Phyto recommend taking these capsules over a period of […]

Velcro Sleep-in Rollers Review

The velcro sleep-in rollers are becoming quite a phenomenon. It is recommended, and completely acceptable to use these on dry hair. For lasting body and movement I would definitely suggest nearly dry hair. If your hair is still slightly damp – always when styled – it will hold better. Do not however, then remove them […]

Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty

  Seven Deadly Sins of Beauty is a youtube ‘TAG’ that has been much done, and I am finally getting around to do it! Seven sins and seven beauty related questions to answer! 1) GREED – What are your cheapest and most expensive beauty products? Clarisonic Mia £120.00 – Although expensive, I think that this […]

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