Tuna Salsa Salad and Elderflower Presse

I found this recipe in my new favourite ‘Women’s Health’ magazine. It had been contributed by a reader – so thank you to Lucy! In terms of quantities, I used the amount of each ingredient that I wanted to – so judge that for yourself. I love this recipe because the majority of this salad […]

Slow Cooker Apple Porridge

This apple porridge recipe became very popular when I was touring with the play ‘Murder on The Nile’ last year. Any venue that I was driving to, I would pack my slow cooker in the boot of my car, and cook breakfast for everyone that I was staying with. One week in Malvern – which […]

Salmon and Noodle Soup

My Mum cooked me a delicious lunch yesterday. It was easy, quick and healthy. I love new lunch ideas and I am forever running out of them – so I thought I would suggest the recipe – which was originally from Linda Barker. The list of ingredients looks long, but it is very straight forward. […]

Raw Food Cooking

My friend Laura and I recently went on a raw food cooking course in South London’s Tooting Broadway. She had booked the course, and I was extremely excited to join her. There are huge benefits to eating raw, primarily that the food retains all of its nutrients, and the enzymes remain active. I first became […]

The Purifyne Juice Cleanse

The Purifyne juice cleanse was recommended to me by Anne-Marie Lodge – better known in the blogging world as Ree – from reallyree.com. I met her at Bootcamp, and on an endless walk she told me about her great experience with Purifyne’s cleanse. I landed back from LA on Friday – and although I partook […]

Healthy Day in L.A.

I’ve rejected the Sour Patch and Red Vines – the American sweets that I think about the entire time that I’m back at home. I was at Shooka Bootcamp in Devon last week, and after the extremely hard three days there, I’m determined to keep as fit and healthy as I can whilst being away […]

Five Day Facelift Diet

On Rising – 200ml Purified/Spring Water with half a lemon squeezed   Breakfast – 2 cups porridge oats, prepare with water 1 handful berries or grated apple added (I have been using frozen blueberries so I always have them ready to throw in – raspberries/blackberries/blueberries) 1-2 Tablespoons of Walnuts and Almonds (I chop them up […]

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