Q&A – Kay Ali ‘You Need A Nutritional Therapist’

Kay Ali is a Registered Nutritional Therapist & Co Founder of You Need A Nutritional Therapist. She has worked with some of London’s most successful doctors supporting her client’s health and wellbeing. From fertility issues to mental health problems Kay is quite the expert in natural health. Her expertise in nutrition and Functional Medicine is […]

5 Days with Paleo Chef

A few weeks ago I tried a five day plan with ‘Paleo Chef’. Delivered to my door in Surrey on a Tuesday morning – the plan couldn’t have been easier. I have to say there wasn’t a moment that I felt hungry – which hasn’t always been my experience with healthy food plans – the […]

Marshmallow Squares

My friend Lucy made Marshmallow Squares when I was at her house last week – more for her daughters than for me – but it reminded me of how much I loved them. 300g Marshmallows 45g Lightly salted butter 175g Rice Krispies Melt the butter in a large saucepan, add the marshmallows and stir continually […]

My 7 Day Purifyne Juice Cleanse

I have just finished a week long juice cleanse – I lost 7 pounds and feel fantastic. I chose to do Purifyne’s ‘Signature Cleanse’ – a cleanse that I did for 3 days back in February – and really enjoyed. They deliver to your door – and on the particular cleanse that I did – […]

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