The Evolution of Beauty…

  Nothing in the beauty world is more true than this video, I found while watching you tube videos – planning to do some beauty ones of my own for on here! I started in Windsor Royal Theatre this week, doing the Agatha Christie play, ‘Murder on The Nile’. 1930’s make up – which is […]

Beauty addict reality check

I had a conversation recently with my friend Leah, who looks after her skin extremely well -and always has. If we had used nothing but a plain supermarket cleanser and E45 cream all our lives, would our skin look noticeably different to how it does now? I’m not dismissing  E45, my Mum has used it […]

The beauty obsession…

In 1999 I deferred my place at university, to pursue an acting career. I’ve always had other interests, and just recently I decided to explore a little more on my favourite subject – beauty. If there was an area of expertise any of my friends would unfailingly talk to me about, it’s this. I won’t […]

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