Staying Power – Eyeko’s Black Magic Mascara

I’m a traditional mascara girl. But my goodness, have I fallen hard and fast for Eyeko’s ‘Black Magic Mascara’. It curls the lashes, conditions, lengthens, and lasts perfectly as first applied for 12 hours. This mascara does not move, one or two strokes are genuinely enough to get fabulous lashes, and I really do like […]

Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer SPF30

I discovered this perfecting primer in the USA earlier this year. I had a facial at my very favourite ‘Dermalogica’ salon on Montana Avenue, Santa Monica. Courtney my skin specialist gave me some sample sachets and I used them up within the week. I tried my hardest to savour every tiny bit of product from […]

My No 1 Bootcamp Diary – June 2013

  Day 1 Breakfast – Porridge with Strawberry Snack – Blueberry Smoothie Lunch – Spiced Lentil Soup Snack – Prunes, Dates and seeds Dinner – Chicken and vegetables 7.00am – 2 mile run to the beach, 150 press ups, and 3 times running around the track 9.00am – Bleep running and circuits 11.00am – Boxing […]

Why STEAMCREAM is Steamy..

STEAMCREAM is a natural moisturiser, which is both vegan and handmade. It’s a multi-use moisturiser, for the face, body, and hands. The ingredients are uniquely fused together with a shot of steam – this process is instant and gentle. The majority of creams are made with molecules bound together via a heavy emulsifying process – […]

Bumble and Bumble Surf Range

Bumble and Bumble added a Surf Shampoo and Conditioner to their very popular ‘Surf Spray’ this year. This trio is a joy to use, and I’m so pleased to have discovered them just as summer is starting. Designed to create beach tousled hair, I tested them for the first time before getting into bed. The […]

Smooth Sundays – win a Philips Lumea Precision Plus

Today is my first day using the Lumea Precision Plus – a home lasering device from Philips, designed to permanently remove hair from the body. It’s a Sunday today, and from now on Sunday is going to be knows as ‘Smooth Sunday’. The really exciting news is that when Philips sent me the Lumea Precision […]