The Elementals ALift Facial

Elizabeth Caroline and Susie Amy

I had an Elementals ALift Facial a few weeks ago with Elizabeth Caroline on Harley Street.

It was my first facial of this kind, although not my first with Elizabeth. She is both a holistic therapist and a cosmecuetical skincare consultant. She has developed her own skincare range that she uses alongside her treatments, and she is also one of the most personable people you could meet.

The first time that I met her was last August, I was having a very stressful time. She gave me an incredibly relaxing facial and then talked me through my aura – the colours that she could see and what they meant. It was absolutely fascinating. I said to her ‘I also saw…’ – she cut me off and said – ‘Let me get there, I know you are going to say yellow’ – and I was!

On this occasion I had the Elementals ALift Facial – Elizabeth discovered the ALift machine when she was in the USA. The States is always forward thinking in terms of skincare, and that is where Elizabeth discovered this very clever machine.


The ALift  –

The ALift machine is a nano current machine that works with micro ampage – not hertz – a lower non invasive current that stimulates the production of ATP deep within cells. ATP is found within all cells – and without it cells have no energy to repair. As we age our ability to produce ATP decreases, so any machine that can give it a boost is very much worth a try!

The ALift is proven to boost your ATP by 500% in just ONE treatment.  Boosting your ATP helps your body to naturally produce collagen and elastin more effectively, thus plumping, toning and firming skin.

The ALift is also clinically proven to support and boost the immune system through increased protein synthesis.  As well as aid lymph flow – remove waste from the cells.

To increase ATP studies have shown that the electrical current must stay under 500 micro ampage, increasing the current over this level, can decrease the production of ATP.

The ALift is the only machine in the UK that reads the resistance of the skin and then adjust the current so it always remains under 500 micro ampage.  It doesn’t contract muscle tissue, unlike many other micro current machines.  This machine is great for anyone wanting to avoid the signs of ageing – as well as treating the signs of ageing – and therefore is recommended for anyone of 20 upwards.

In Elizabeth’s Kent salon ALift Treatments are priced from £65, and in London they are priced from £100.

Millie Mackintosh, Sadie Frost, and Glamour’s Beauty Director – Alessandra Steinherr – are also fans of Elizabeth.

ALift Facial

Where to find Elizabeth –

Suite 5, 3rd floor, 1 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD

Aquavie, 126a High Street, Tonbridge, TN9 1AS

Bookings for both of these locations, or for answers to any questions –

+44 1732 353233



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