The Cheekbone Sculptor and NEW Daniel Sandler Products

I’ve been trying some new products from Daniel Sandler’s make-up range that I picked up over the weekend.

Two shades – that are new to me – from the array of colours available in my favourite ‘Watercolour Blush’ liquid blusher, a contour slimming face powder, a matte bronzer, and an illuminating face powder that doubles up as eyeshadow.

I love Daniel’s make-up. He is a brilliant make-up artist, and therefore knows what really works. I named Daniel Sandler’s brushes as my favourite brushes of 2012 in ‘My Products of the Year 2012‘ blog.

The products from the video –

Daniel Sandler Kabeauti Brush £26.00

Big and soft, makes bronzer very hard to go wrong with.

TO BUY (free worldwide delivery)

Daniel Sandler Kabeauti Brush 

Daniel Sandler Contour/Powder Brush £15.25

This brush is ideal for contouring, highlighting and for powder under eyes.

TO BUY (free worldwide delivery)

Daniel Sandler Contour/Powder Brush

Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Wash Off Face Powder £22.50

Velvety matte bronzer – water resistant and  colour balanced – which prevents it from looking orange. Suitable natural looking bronzer for women and men.

TO BUY (free worldwide delivery)

Daniel Sandler Instant Tan

Daniel Sandler Radiant Sheen Illuminating Face Powder £28.00

Use on the face to give a gorgeous sheen, or as eyeshadow wet or dry! Also try across the chest and collarbone. It is also suggested by Daniel to use the lightest shade under the brow.

TO BUY (free worldwide delivery)

Daniel Sandler cosmetics Radiant Sheen Illuminating Face Powder

Daniel Sandler Sculpt and Slim-Effect Contour Face Powder £24.50

As in the video use the darker shade underneath the cheekbone, and the lighter shade above it, to highlight! This is a dream compact for me, I have been missing a good contouring product.

TO BUY (free worldwide delivery)

Sculpt and Contour Face Powder Daniel Sandler

Holistic Silk Eyemask £41.00

I cannot say enough how dependant I have been on this lavender filled eyemask for a decade. I love my brand new one – I wear one of these every single night and still have my very, very, old ones.

TO BUY  (free worldwide delivery)

Holistic Silk Eyemask

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher  £14.50

Apply a drop or two to the apples of the cheeks. Long lasting, gorgeous colours. I have used the shade ‘Cherub’ for nearly ten years! Apply with a brush or with fingertips.

To BUY (free worldwide delivery)

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush


The new products are beautifully packaged – and the Kabeauti Brush is ideal for anyone who may have a fear or bronzer going horribly wrong – it does the work for you! In the video, which I completely forgot to mention I was also wearing Daniel Sandler’s Invisible Radiance Foundation – it has a concealer hidden in the lid. I wrote a previous blog about it – it’s a great foundation if you are looking for something that enhances the skin. x

Daniel Sandler Products


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  1. Michelle
    February 21, 2013 at 1:22 pm (6 years ago)

    I’ve never used anything from this brand but these look great, particularly the Water Colour Blushers and Contour Powder 🙂


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