The Per-fekt Beauty range

I have been excited about the Per-fekt range for a very long time – it was founded in California in 2005. I have been slightly reluctant to mention it because of it being stocked solely in Harvey Nichols in the UK, and unavailable online – never ideal for an online blog. It’s a forward thinking […]

Chanel Tan de Soleil Bronze Universel – The Method!!

  I have mentioned Chanel’s Bronze Universel Bronzing Make-Up Base a few times on blusherandblogging. It is one of my favourite make-up items. One that is very often completely out of stock and unavailable. I mentioned a different way of applying the bronzing cream base to the traditional method of applying it with a dry […]

Reduced £95 Clarisonic Mia

The Clarisonic Mia has been reduced from it’s usual £120.00 to £95.00 at after a Facebook ‘hit the like button’ promotion. This is the cheapest price that it is possible to buy this amazing cleansing brush in the UK. I have never actually seen it cheaper. They only have 1000 of them available and […]

Velcro Sleep-in Rollers Review

The velcro sleep-in rollers are becoming quite a phenomenon. It is recommended, and completely acceptable to use these on dry hair. For lasting body and movement I would definitely suggest nearly dry hair. If your hair is still slightly damp – always when styled – it will hold better. Do not however, then remove them […]

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