Philips Re-Aura – 1 month on


I published my first post on the Philips ReAura at the end of June. I filmed the above video two weeks later.

I was asked to do a sponsored post on Philips’ at home laser skin rejuvenation system – I was both intrigued and excited.

Eight weeks of treatment is recommended- twice weekly sessions. A consultation before use is compulsory. Treating the entire face, with some practice, takes approximately 20-30 minutes to do.


The Promise –

Bright, even, improved skin – with reduction in fine lines and sun damage.


How does it work? –

During a session, with the Fraxel laser technology based Philips ReAura, thousands of microscopic laser beams are passed down into the epidermis and dermis which triggers a natural process of cell renewal. Collagen packed, plump, fresh skin cells replace old and damaged cells – skin as a result is smoother, and fine lines are reduced. Pigmented skin cells are pushed out of the skin, creating a more even skin tone.


My Skin – 

I have no major skin concerns, I have protected my skin daily from the sun since my early teenage years, but I haven’t escaped sun damage altogether – as I unfortunately saw clearly under a UV light during an ESPA facial at the Corinthia Spa in London.

My skincare goal is even, clear skin – healthy looking, natural skin. I am really looking forward to comparing my before and after photos when my final treatment month is complete.


Three weeks on –

I have adjusted to the feeling of the laser on my skin. I am actually enjoying my twice weekly ‘ReAura evenings’. I gently but thoroughly cleanse, press play on Mad Men, and start to laser!

As pre-warned by the Philips advisor who did my consultation, after treatment the skin can become dry, or flake, you could even see patches of darkness – as pigmented cells are drawn out. I had a slightly rougher feel to my skin over the first two weeks, but that has stopped now.


Side Notes –

The first session was uncomfortable. It felt like stinging sunburn. My main concern was…. is this feeling normal? Now that I know that it is – and how quickly the skin recovers – I am really enjoying the treatments. That was my main reason for the attached video – anyone using the ReAura for the first time – will want and need the reassurance that the reddening of the skin is temporary, and not a sign of harm.

I decided that I would remain throughout the weeks at treatment Level 2, but after a moment of bravery I flicked the switch to Level 3 and now alternate between the two levels.

The Philips ReAura is £799.00 exclusively from Space NK

For more information, or to speak to someone who can advise you on the ReAura for your personal skin concerns –


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