Philips ReAura – First Post

Much to delight I have been sent a Philips ReAura to try for a sponsored post.

I had been looking at the ReAura a matter of weeks ago – at Space NK in Brighton – it is a product that is exclusive to Space NK.

It is also not available to purchase online which I initially thought dramatic – the same thought that I had when I had to schedule a phone conversation with Philips – before being approved to trial the device. After my first session with the ReAura, I do see that consultations are vital, it is a serious machine, with hopefully seriously impressive results – it is £799 after all.

The ReAura boosts the skin’s collagen production – it was developed with the makers of Fraxel laser technology. It evens skin tone, reduces fine lines, and reduces age spots. Thousands of microscopic laser beams are passed down, deep within the skin’s layers – and as a result natural cell renewal occurs. New healthy skin cells replace older damaged ones. This process naturally slows down as we age, and the Philips ReAura is an at home anti-ageing helping hand.

The box contains the machine, as well as a carry case and charger, laser performance gel, laser aftercare complex, and a DVD which I do recommend watching before doing the first treatment. The provided gels/solutions are extremely important. The performance gel helps the laser to move across the skin smoothly, which is essential for the laser to be delivered efficiently to the zone. The laser aftercare complex helps to soothe the skin – and it does need a little soothing – it hydrates the skin, and takes down inflammation.

After watching the provided DVD, and seeing that setting ‘1’ is for practise and will do nothing for the skin, I decided to practise with setting ‘2’ instead. It prickles. It feels like a burning, prickily feeling as the laser connects with the skin. Some areas were worse than others – like the side of the nose. The machine knows when it has delivered enough to each ‘skin zone’, and will beep to let you know to stop. I got nervous and stopped very quickly when I was treating the left hand side of my face, it can take a little while to get used to. The feeling became more bearable as I continued with the treatment – redness is completely normal – in fact expected.

A skin zone, could be for example – the forehead, one side of the face, or the neck, or chest. I am concentrating particularly on  the sides of my face. I have photographed the skin there – I appear to have a few marks in those areas – probably sun damage marks.

So the plan for the ReAura is as follows –

Eight weeks of twice weekly sessions.

48 hours must be left inbetween each treatment.

It is important for optimum results to do the full 8 weeks – with as I understand it – top up sessions as and when beyond that.

Step 1 – Apply a pea sized amount of ‘Laser Performance Gel’ to the zone to be treated. Skin should be clean.

Step 2 – Set the ‘Laser Skin Rejuvenation Device‘ to level 2 or 3 depending on what feels comfortable, and move across the zone that you have chosen to treat. Up and down, and across as well. Slowly covering the full area of skin within the zone. The machine will bleep when enough

Step 3 – ‘Laser Aftercare Complex’ can be applied straight after treatment, and again within the hour.

I am generally happy with my skin, I don’t have line concerns, or premature ageing concerns. Pigmentation would be the main battle – there is only so much that can be done about it with products alone – so I do hope that the ReAura could potentially make a real difference to skin that is affected by it. By pigmentation I am referring to patches of skin, or areas that may have a different colour – uneven skin colouring – mostly caused by damaging UVA rays.

It is absolutely crucial to wear SPF whilst using this machine. I wear it daily anyway but my skin felt particularly vulnerable today after my first session with the ReAura last night.

I will be reporting back twice more on improvements, results and changes, over the next eight weeks.

If you have used the ReAura for the eight week course, or are currently doing so, please do let me know how you are getting on with it, and what you think of the results!

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4 Comments on Philips ReAura – First Post

  1. Susan
    July 29, 2012 at 9:44 am (7 years ago)

    Purchased the Re-Aura last summer but was unable to use on face due to skin cracks around mouth area. Have used appliance on hands neck and chest and all OK. I have recently undergone extensive allergy testing so now feel confident to use on face. Am going at it gently to monitor reactions. First procedure this morning. Chin area was fine (a bit red at first but OK after an hour). Proceeded on to forehead. Very red and stinging and red dots have appeared. Will leave the cheek areas until forehead look clear and maybe drop down to level 2. I have fair skin

    • Susie Amy
      September 3, 2012 at 11:08 am (7 years ago)

      I did find level 2 most comfortable – I have just finished the eight week course – I posted my final blog this morning. How are you getting on with yours?


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