Top 5 Products for Mature Skin from Ex Beauty Editor Sarah Standing

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I was with my friend Sarah Standing on Friday night. She is the mother of three of my friends – 52 years old – and anyone would be thrilled to have skin as good as she does in their 50’s.

Sarah was the beauty editor at Aura Magazine for many years, and is currently a writer, as well as running her own children’s shop Semmalina in London.

Her skincare secrets were something I was very keen to hear, especially as she is a hardworking mother of three who always manages to look fantastic.

Sarah says as you get older it’s all about getting moisture onto the skin. She eats absolutely no processed food. And believes foundation beyond a certain age accentuates lines and is unflattering to the skin. Less is more in terms of make up, and it is more important to work on getting the skin in good condition, rather than piling layers of make up over it to disguise flaws. This is very much my belief with skin, the better you look after it in the years when it appears to be close to perfect, the better it will look later on.

Much of the luck with ageing is genetic – Sarah and I had that exact discussion on Friday . However I do believe, no matter what your ‘luck’ may be,  you can still work to make your skin the best that it can be for later in life. And my other belief in terms of ageing is that prevention is better than  the cure.

Here are Sarah’s top products and reasons why she loves them – and as I did with Alyn Waterman – I let her have her top 6 rather than top 5!

MAC Paint Pot ‘Groundwork’  £13.50 – Because it gives flattering definition to ones eyes – bit smokey but without aging, and avoiding the harshness you get with eye pencils.

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Creme £48.00 –  It is so rich and luxurious and makes me feel much wealthier than I actually am!!! Keeps ones legs and arms silky soft  (also LOVE  the ‘This Works’ cheaper range at boots called dry leg oil)

Moroccan Oil Treatment 100ml £30.45  – It smells great, I use it as a long-lasting conditioner and also it gives great shine. I hate blow drying my hair, so this way I can get a bit of control yet still just have “wash-and-go” hair.

Aromatherapy Associates Nourishing Face Oil £37.00 – Restores moisture. Especially when used on damp skin.

Johnson’s Baby Oil 300ML £1.99 – I have used this as an eye make up remover for pretty much all my life.

Forest Essentials Body Polisher ‘Hydrating Rose’ £19.40 – Discovered body scrub in India. Its greasy,gritty and not only removes every flake of dead skin, it makes the skin extremely smooth. Smells out of this world – well it actually smells like India and reminds me of some of my happiest times.

I have emailed Forest Essentials to see if there is a way to buy the products outside of India. Their website is hugely comprehensive, and there is a real buzz about them across the internet.  So please do let Sarah and me know if anyone is aware of a stockist closer to home. Luckily for me,  my  friend Simon is in India quite a lot, I will be sending him to pick some of this range up for me!!!

One other note on the MAC Paint Pot; they are fabulous for building colour by applying eyeshadow over them. A very versatile product that comes in a whole array of shades.

The links to all the products discussed are below as always.


MAC Paintpot –

Jo Malone Body Cream –

Moroccan Hair Oil –

Aromatherapy Associates Face Oil –

Johnson’s Baby Oil –

Forest Essentials –

Sarah has just started writing her own blog, which I absolutely love

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  1. vidya
    May 11, 2012 at 6:37 pm (8 years ago)

    im from india and i use forest essentials, they do ship internationally as far as i know….if u come to chennai india we also have a boutique in one of the malls in chennai and in a boutique as well…and oh….i read ur blog only today and saw ur clinique videos…even im type 2 according to them…..they smell fully spirited…is the mild clarifying lotion good enough to use after cleansing???also….u look very pweettyy


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