The Dermalogica Effect

At the age of 16 – back in 1997 – I was using products that were totally unsuited to my teenage skin. My friend Lucy suggested that I should come into the salon that she worked in, and have a facial. I had a Guinot Cathiodermie facial, and I had a Dermalogica facial. I fell […]

Beauty addict reality check

I had a conversation recently with my friend Leah, who looks after her skin extremely well -and always has. If we had used nothing but a plain supermarket cleanser and E45 cream all our lives, would our skin look noticeably different to how it does now? I’m not dismissing  E45, my Mum has used it […]


The Supermarket MAC – Vivo

Well I have to tell you, I am completely obsessed with a blusher that I received in a goody bag earlier this week. Vivo Cosmetics launched an exclusive line in Tesco that they say celebrates ‘being alive with colour’. They call themselves the ‘MAC of the supermarket make-up brands’. Believe me I have many a […]

To squeeze or not to squeeze

I apologise in advance for the unappealing subject matter of this blog! I am constantly telling friends of mine not to squeeze their spots and not to pick at their faces. The prior sentence is really referring to one nameless friend in particular! She will sit in front of a magnifying mirror and squeeze at […]

Reminiscing about The Body Shop

I have been using The Body Shop’s White Musk Libertine Eau de Parfum over the past few weeks. In my very early teenage years, maybe even earlier – The Body Shop was my favourite shop. I’m sure lots of people would remember their Fuzzy Peach, Dewberry and White Musk perfume oils as vividly as I […]

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