Product of the Week – A £2.59 Concealer

Miss Sporty’s ‘Mini Me Concealer’, is not the most elegantly named concealer for a grown woman I have to admit, but it is a fabulous product and an undisputable bargain. It would never have been on my radar – possibly for my entire life – if it hadn’t been for Liz Beckett, the make up […]

Into the Valley – LA Beauty

One of my favourite things about LA, is the strip malls. I wouldn’t say they would be everyone’s favourite thing, but amongst the brilliant shops that mean you can literally find anything and everything on every street, there are endless drop in nail and massage places. Everywhere, littered on every street, every corner, is at […]

Travelling and your skin

Some of these tips for looking after your skin when flying are going to sound pretty obvious. I’ve just said a very sad goodbye to my girlfriends, who are travelling for 36 hours from Auckland to Dublin, so this post felt appropriately timed! When I travel it shows in my skin. Sitting for hours on […]