The Mascara Debate

I would love feedback on this post. I am constantly and avidly searching for the perfect mascara. I have used endless mascaras over the years, and am constantly asking make up artists and friends and pretty much anyone I run into (slight exaggeration) their preference. I have never understood the Maybelline fuss, the amount of […]

Product of the week – Kiehls Creme de Corps

Creme de Corps is arguably the most famous product in the Kiehl’s range, and for good reason. It’s also, I would say, one of my very favourite cosmetic items. This isn’t a groundbreaking product suggestion! It’s hailed frequently in articles and polls year after year, as their number one body moisturiser. To be honest, I […]

When I went to Bootcamp

Now this is only partially related to beauty, but a lot of people ask me about it, and I’m a little bit into my exercise these days! In May I went to No 1 Bootcamp in Ibiza. I was invited to go by the bootcamp, and to be honest it couldn’t have come at a […]

Massage Corner – Ao Nang Beach, Thailand

For anyone who enjoys massage and treatments, visiting Ao-Nang in Thailand, I came across massage corner today! Walking away from the main street up the beach, I saw huts to my left – 20 of them to be exact – numbered accordingly. I can imagine in high season, they are run off their feet but […]

100% Pure Argan Oil and where to buy

My friend Lucy was getting married recently, we had a weekend in Morroco to celebrate. The shopping in Marrakesh is fabulous, everything from pottery to beautiful leather bags. But one thing I bought there, that Lucy had already been using for many months prior to this trip in preparation for her wedding, was Argan Oil. […]

Sweet Lemongrass Massage – Phuket

There’s no massage at Sweet Lemongrass Massage, that costs more than 550BHT, which is about £12.00. I had the 90 minute ‘Natural Oil Massage’, which cost me exactly that. It’s located completely off the beaten track – yet people go out of their way find it – which really says something considering there are massage […]

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