My Pregnancy and Baby Favourites

I loved being pregnant for many reasons – but aside from the excitement I felt about meeting our son or daughter – the main reason was the extreme kindness people showed to me everywhere. I hope every pregnant woman is lucky enough to have the same experience. I was pretty big – maybe that helped […]

TerraCycle Recycle ZERO Waste Beauty Boxes

When I visited the ARK Skincare boutique in Haslemere village last week I noticed a new addition to the shop – a TerraCycle Zero Waste Box. As good as we’ve all become (I hope) at recycling – our plastics aren’t always being recycled – and instead ending up in landfills. There is SO much packaging, […]

Q&A – Kay Ali ‘You Need A Nutritional Therapist’

Kay Ali is a Registered Nutritional Therapist & Co Founder of You Need A Nutritional Therapist. She has worked with some of London’s most successful doctors supporting her client’s health and wellbeing. From fertility issues to mental health problems Kay is quite the expert in natural health. Her expertise in nutrition and Functional Medicine is […]

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